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travel details

destination Aegina

The city of Aegina is the capital city of the island and it’s located on the west side. It’s built amphitheatrical towards the sea. When you enter the harbor, the small, white church of Saint Nikolas welcomes you. Your first impession is the modern type classical buildings, which are located along the sea front of the island and have terristrial shade colors which make them look even more beautiful at sunset. The economic and social life of Aegina is centralized on the coastal road and the parallel roads. Take a ride on the horses and the carriages, walk in the narrow, paved streets and see the traditional houses, the churches with the blue domes and the shops with folk art. Don’t miss seeing the fish-market, the traditional restaurants that serve snacks with ouzo (a greek drink). Also the fishing boats, that are not only used for fishing but for seiling groceries as well.

how to get to aegina

From the port of Piraeus there are daily depertures of Ferry Boats for Aegina. Ferry Boats accepts and cars. The trip lasts for 1 h. and 15 min

Saronic Ferries :
210.4117341 / 4171190 / 4126528

Aegina tel.: 22970.22945 / 24200

From the port of Piraeus there are daily depertures of Flying Dolphins for Aegina. The trip lasts for 35 minutes.

Flying Dolphins:
Aegina: 22970-27462
Piraeus: 210-41.99.000

Aegean Flying Dolphins:
Aegina: 22970-25800

Except the ships that go to the main port of Aegina, there are ships that go to the port of Souvala. During the summer period, there are ships that go to the port of Agia Marina. For more information upon the arrivals and departures of ships, please contact by phone with the port Authorities of Aegina in 22970 22328. There is an answering machine that informs you for the daily schedules.


Aegina :

    • Aegina town : 1 km
    • The nearest beach is 50 meters

A breath away from Athens, two steps from Spetses and Hydra .